Our Team and Policies

Together with our main company, Güven Shoes Materials Industry and Trade Co.,Ltd. which has been active in the sector since 1977; Norm Shoes Materials Industry and Foreign Trade Limited Company was established in 1995 in order to keep up with the changing conditions of the day and give better service to our customers by following the developments closely.

Since then Norm Shoes Materials, operates well especially by importing the materials like Counter , Toe Puff , Insole Board , Artificial Letaher, started to be able to serve the needs of the customers who are shoes and slippers makers in all around the country.

As of 2013, Norm has already established a production facility with its own capital and started to manufacture the items that has been previously imported and called as toe puff, reinforcement, etc. By this way, Norm has begun to take more constructive steps on the contribution of the Turkish Economy.

Norm Shoe Materials and Foreign Trade Industry Co.,Ltd., continues to contribute to the development of the sector by prioritizing customer satisfaction.


Together with our corporate structure and trained manpower, to capture the modern technology and to make it effective we have to manufacture accurate, economic, environmentally sensitive items in order to enable our customers comfort and confidence to our customers.


It is to give a best support to the shoe industry and other sectors, by offering all kinds of services which increases the quality and the efficiency of our existing products to design and develop products that add value to human life.

High quality... Please call us for details.